Scribo ergo sum ►Latin meaning ‘I write therefore I am.’

Pretentious? The Latin quotation – hmm, yes, perhaps it is. A little. But I am unapologetic, as it is writing that largely makes me who I am.

Who am I?

I am a writer called Herbie Cax.

Herbie ►adjective smelling of herbs. Origin from Latin herba.

Why Herbie? Perhaps I enjoy gardening? I do. Perhaps it has something to do with an expedition many years ago to a bookshop? It does. A baby was due and a ‘How To Do Baby’ book was desired. But I enjoy gardening. I have said that already. I say it again because it’s true. And I want you to understand. My feet (probably missing their garden wellies) strayed, along with me, into the gardening section of the book shop. My eyes wandered the shelves of books about daffodils, vegetables, trees, flowering shrubs and compost. Bliss! Baby book forgotten, a ‘Dictionary of Herbs’ was bought and proudly carried home. My creations have been ‘Herbie’ ever since. All of them. Including the ones that were given their own name after nine months of being known as ‘the bump called Herbie.’

Cax ►proper noun childhood nickname of the writer now known as Herbie Cax.

As Herbie Cax, I write in all the minutes and seconds I snatch between the seconds and minutes when I am busy doing other things. Or thinking about doing other things. Or worrying about all the things I should have done, but haven’t got round to doing yet. I am thus both writer and procrastinator. In fact, I am probably at world-champion standard in the time-consuming game of procrastination. When I am not busy or busy procrastinating, I walk my dogs, write and live with my family on the edge of a quiet village in England. And dream of holidays in Scotland. And of Italian food. And French castles. And ice-cream. And chocolate.


Copyright cnicholson Sept 2021

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