I try to write something almost every day.

Sometimes the words form themselves into a ‘to do’ list. This happens often. And sadly the to do list is seldom a done list at the end of the day. It instead morphs into a to-do-tomorrow list. Or the next day. Or the day after that. Occasionally items that started at the top of the to do list become to-never-do things and don’t reappear on the next to do list when the first list is scrumpled up and thrown in the bin. I think of these to-never-do things as dandelion seeds that drift briefly into my head and then out of it again. Maybe some of them were good ideas. But just not good enough. Which is a very long way of saying that I spend far to much time making lists. And not enough time fulfilling them.

However, sometimes, when the words oblige, they write me a blog or a story or a poem.

If you want to have a look at some of my words click on the drop down ‘Writing’ box above. This website is still in production – come back and see if and how (hopefully … if I can get my head round the ‘how’ bit) it grows.

I usually write here happily surrounded by clutter, and books and so many pictures that there really isn’t any space on the walls for more.


Copyright cnicholson 2021

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